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Apr 25


Now that you have prepared your gym bag, we need to prepare your mind! We want to make sure that our mindset is always one that is going to produce the best results. We are exactly what we think we are! If we think it is going to be hard- IT IS! If we think it is going to be miserable- IT WILL! But if you know in your heart that this will be easy and you are going to accomplish it- then you WILL! When you decide that life is supposed to be fun for you THEN IT WILL!

We want you to always act as if you are the best version of yourself because soon acting as if will lead you to become it! 

Be open to change! Most of us fear change and fear becoming someone better. Our subconscious mind is designed to protect us, and therefore anything that is happening that is new or different, the subconscious understands it as a threat. We have to reprogram our subconscious.  Teach it, that we have nothing to fear! Fear is the opposite of faith.  They both are something that requires belief in the unseen, and you always get to choose one.

Be open to the new and exciting. There is a great explanation in the Tibetan Book Of Living & Dying that discusses “bardo,” Bardo is honoring the space between “no longer” and “not yet” instead of being afraid of it!! Let the universe know that you are happy with where you are but excited for more.  That is really the best vibrational frequency! You can’t hate where you are and get to where you are going since the universe only understands where you are right now! Appreciate everything!

Be coachable! Understand that the trainer that you hired is there for you! The trainer wants what is best for you! Your trainer sees what is best for you! Always remember, it is easier for others to see the potential in us because they do not have the insecurities towards ourselves that we do! Trust their voice until it becomes your inner voice! Get with your coach that will help motivate and inspire you. Do not take their message as anything negative- they are here to bring out the best in you! Make training fun. Share your experience with your trainer. This is your best friend in your journey to greatness. They understand, have the experience to guide you towards success.

Expect Success! Remember, the only job you really have is to monitor your feelings. You attract the life you want, the body you want, the joy you want all by expecting it! If you expect things will work out, THEY ALWAYS WILL! The cells in your body are constantly working FOR YOU! The blood is pumping, the metabolism is going! The only thing that blocks us is us! There is only well being that flows! Anything that blocks it is something vibrationally.

A great book to read about this is “Heal Your Life” by Louise Hays. It really shows you the best mindset to have to live your most successful life. EXPECT life will be good for you and it will.  Work on your mindset during this program reading is a great way to overcome so much.  Gather knowledge and the put it into action.

Lay out clothes the night before! Make sure that you don’t have anything holding you back from having the easiest and best morning possible. Not only does this help your morning flow smoother, but it allows you the night before to set the intention for the best possible day. You want to make sure that before you go to sleep, you are focusing on what you want.  Create your extraordinary self, vision board and start focusing on that every day, but especially before you go to bed, that way you can marinate on it while you sleep.  If you go to sleep feeling exciting and prepared, you will wake up feeling the same way!

Prep your supplements & prep your food! Make your life easy! You are the only person who can! Make sure you have your supplements and your food prepared and ready to go. The easier you can make it for you, easier it will be to stick to your goals. Make sure that you are picking an afternoon that works best for you and get everything ready for the whole week. Enjoy this time, make it a ritual. Do not take this time as a “punishment” or as something you “have to do.” Think of it as something you GET to do and are so appreciative that you are able to do! Watch how much fun it gets! Stay connected to the blog for upcoming videos and blog posts about meal prepping and supplement prepping ideas!

Come to every class! You cannot make changes if you don’t make changes! Make sure that you are committed and that your attendance is important to you! You are the most important person in your life, and you have to put yourself as a priority. You would not disappoint someone else in your life who was the most important- so don’t do it to YOU!

Make sure that you use these tips to focus and stay committed to you and your goals! You have to make the decision to change and then the inspired actions will follow! What do you do to stay prepared?

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