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Jan 07

5 steps to catapult your success in 2018

Action Plan for Success

Creating goals or resolutions is not about punishment; it’s about replenishment.  It is about starting the year with a strong mind, connected spirit, and healthy body.  

No matter how old you are,  or where you are from, or what you do for a living, we all share something in common—a desire to be successful.

You  must  clearly define what success means to you. Each person’s definition of success is different.  To me, being successful means having the freedom to following my passions, and having that sense of fulfillment from living with purpose and abundance,  as well as enjoying the present moment.

1.Get Clear on what you want and write it down. (See last blog for help with this)

2. Self assessment. Taking a closer look at yourself and what really makes you tick and gets you excited.  What are you passionate about? What are your limiting beliefs, excuses and justifications that hold you back from moving in a positive direction?   What are you willing to give up, or give to get what you want?

3. Create a plan of action and daily implementation that will create incremental progress daily toward your goal. Seek out an expert that has already done what you want to do, in order to create a well thought out plan. Hiring an expert speeds up your progress by creating a plan that can avoid the mistakes and setbacks you might have on your own.

4. Put your plan into action while creating new habits, behaviors, and rituals that all move you in a positive direction. Remember, if you do what you have always done you’ll continue to get what you always have gotten.  It is time to do something new with new habits, routines and behaviors that accelerate growth.

5. Change your environment and the people you surround yourself with.

Avoid the dream stealers. Find supporters and your  “get it”  crew, that help to celebrate your wins and encourage growth and improvement. Find people on your wavelength or higher. 

Following these steps will help you create a life propelled by purpose, advancing positive growth of body, mind and soul. Creating your success. 

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