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May 19

Active Recovery Methods

Active Physical Recovery methods that will accelerate your recovery so you can continue to push past your limits in your  workouts.

Foam roll

We will be posting a blog post on foam rolling with pictures to show you some exercises that you can do daily to help release some of those tight muscles that can lead to injury if left tight.  Foam rolling is like a free massage that helps to release tight muscles in your body.  When you have tight muscles you are more prone to injury due to possible strains, tears and joint immobility.  One very important tip I will give you about foam rolling is do not over think it.  The easiest way I can describe foam rolling is to locate a tight muscle (or area) in your body and with the foam roller on the ground, put that tight muscle (or area) directly on the roller at the beginning of that tight area.  Push or pull yourself across the tight muscle (or area) until the pain increases and then starts to decrease, repeat this process for 2-5 minutes for any tight area.  Everyone is going to have tightness in different places which makes the foam roller such an awesome tool for active recovery because you can customize your recovery to your specific needs.  The exercises we demonstrated in the blog post are for the tight muscles that almost everyone has and so everyone should be doing those exercises.

For more clarification on foam rolling, simply ask any of your trainers at Well Rounded and they can help show you how to perform the exercises you should be doing.


Take Epsom Salt Baths

This one is going to be completely up to you and you trainer WILL NOT show you how to perform this. : )  Epsom salt breaks down in to Magnesium and Sulfate, which are readily absorbed through your skin, and when dissolved have many benefits to your health. Magnesium helps regulate over 325 enzymes in your body, helps reduce inflammation, helps muscle and nerve function and helps prevent artery hardening.  Sulfates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help ease migraines and headaches.  As an active recovery method the benefit you mainly interested in is the reduction in inflammation which can lead to a reduction in muscle pain, soreness, cramps and as an added bonus it even helps reduce the odor of smelly feet. : )


Lets not forget the tried and true art of stretching.  I am calling this an art because often times it is done incorrectly and if you want to see stretching done to perfection watch a gymnast or a dancer.  They move through the stretches with grace and you almost never see them bouncing or erratically throwing themselves into a position.  When you stretch, go slow and don’t go so far that you are in excruciating pain.  You should be in mild discomfort and you should be taking deep breaths to get as much oxygen in your body as possible.  The more oxygen you have in your body, the more your muscles will relax and elongate.  Try bending over to touch your toes and hold that position for about 45 seconds while taking deep breaths.  You will (at some point during those 45 seconds) feel your hamstrings and low back release and you will be able to touch further than when you started.  Remember to not bounce while you are holding your positions because that will cause the muscle to tighten every time you bounce and as a result it will become tighter…go figure. If you are unsure of what stretches you can do to help with your recovery, ask one of your trainers at Well Rounded and they demonstrate them for you.


Drink Water

Make sure you are drinking at least a gallon of water a day to help flush out the toxins in your body and stay hydrated.  Remember, when you are only 1% dehydrated you can lose up to 7% of your strength.  You need all of the strength you have to make as much progress as possible and drinking water is the easiest thing you can do to ensure you are maintaining your strength, flushing your toxins out and looking healthier by providing hydration to your skin.


Take Alkalize

Alkalize has calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium which all help to bring your body to a more alkaline state.  When your body is acidic is creates more inflammation which leads to an increase in muscle soreness and a decrease in muscle recovery.  Alkalizing your body also helps to reduce its susceptibility to disease and sickness which will make it harder to progress to your goals in this program.  The program is challenging enough without you being sick : )


Eat enough protein

Sticking to your diet will get you the protein you need to properly facilitate muscle recovery through protein synthesis.  When your muscle is broken down and damaged from a great workout, the protein you intake will help repair them so you can adapt to the exercise properly and push further next time.  Stick to your nutrition plan and you will recover properly.


Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is very important for many aspects of your life and everyone is not the same and does not require the same amount of sleep.  Some people can function perfectly on 4 hours while others need a full 8 to feel right.  If you feel tired during the day and do not feel like you are properly rested try going to bed earlier and see how it affects your body.  Also, when you are sleeping, your body is primed and ready for protein synthesis which helps your muscles recover from the great workouts you are having. Sleep well, Sleep enough and dream BIG!!

Do Cardio

This cardio is not the cardio you do in the program.  This cardio is done with a light to moderate intensity to workout the sore muscles and help increase your blood flow.  Take a walk around your neighborhood and practice the breathing exercises mentioned above…slow in through your nose and slow out though your mouth.  This is a win win for your recovery and your mental relaxation.


Far-Infrared Wrap

Our Far-Infrared wrap at Well Rounded heats the body from the inside out rather than from the outside in.  By doing this, your body is being heated at its core which can help metabolize fat and get rid of toxins.  Other benefits of the Far-Infrared wrap are increased blood circulation, toned skin, relaxed muscles, decreased pain from soft tissue muscles, increased calorie burn, decreased inflammation and increased endorphins. Ask one of your trainers about how to purchase a Far-Infrared wrap.

Taking control of your recovery from your workouts and life in general and making your recovery methods a habit will make you feel so much better on a daily basis.  If you already do one or multiple of the methods listed above, give a different one a try and let us know via the Freeman Formula facebook how it worked for you.


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