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Apr 04

Coming Home!

Vacations are always wonderful and amazing opportunities to make memories. They are important for all of us to refocus and to appreciate life away from distractions, and they are one of my favorite things!

With that being said, we spend a lot of time wishing for five o’clock, or wishing for the weekend, or wanting vacation to come. We’re wasting and wishing a lot of our life away, which you know is something that I do not believe in.

I believe in having my life, my marriage, and my parenting be all about being as happy as I can in the present moment because my “now” is the only reality that I have!

Have you ever been on vacation with someone who is just miserable?  They don’t like their room, they aren’t happy with dinner, they were not impressed with the show.

I have traveled with that exact person.  They are in the middle of paradise and they still are not happy.  That’s the moment I realized, it doesn’t matter where you are, what you have if you can’t see the beauty in everything, you can’t see it in anything.

I still love vacation, but I love every single day as well.

What is funny about manifesting and creating your own reality is that when people are starting to learn about what they can create, they get so caught up in the things they are creating, they get caught up and don’t understand the true importance of vibrational frequency.

It’s about being happy now, not happy when you get the stuff, or are 30 pounds lighter, or have that special someone in your life.

When wishing for that car or that house or that relationship, a lot of people fall guilty to “only” be happy or grateful so they will get the manifestation.  They are only doing the work so that the manifestation comes, not realizing that you’re supposed to be happy and feel good all the time! Not just to make something happen, but to love your life, to love what you learn, love what you overcome and love the person you are becoming in this moment.

While manifestations are wonderful and they are an amazing part of life, the thing we need to understand is that it is not about the manifestations.

It is about the vibrational alignment to who we really are.

It’s about aligning with source.

It’s about feeling wonderful in our now. Once you do that, everything will come into your experience.  We seem to only want the manifestations because we feel like we would feel better with them. The secret is you can feel better now!

If it was just about the manifestations and not about feeling good on the way there, we would never take vacations. We would say to ourselves, “well I leave Friday for Paris and I come home Saturday at 3 and I’m home now so I might as well just stay home.” You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it twice, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Enjoy your vacations. Enjoy your work days. Enjoy every second. Be happy when the manifestation comes, but be happy just for the sake of being happy. Every second of the day can be a vacation from pain, heartache and negativity, you just have to decide!

How lucky are we to have the ability to choose the frequency we live in, no matter where we are currently living…or vacationing! xoxo~K


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