F.U.N. Training


Who says exercise can’t be FUN? Chisel, dice, and sculpt that super sexy physique and discover what it takes to have the body you love. This exciting program will offer F.U.N. (Functional, Unique, No-nonsense) Training. Below gives you a quick overview of the main concepts and techniques we use.

Functional Training

(Resistance Training)

  • Tires, Circuit
  • Muscle Stimulation, Kettle Bells
  • Boot Camp, Agility training, Rock Wall Climbing

Unique Programs

Nutritional plan & fitness evaluations included

  • Grocery Store Shopping Trip
  • Restaurant Trip
  • Cooking Demonstration

No Nonsense Approach

(Cardio Class)

  • Adrenaline Explosion
  • Extreme Conditioning
  • Fat Burning Blast

F.U.N. Training Includes

  • Fitness evaluation
  • Nutritional Plan
  • 3 times a week resistance training
  • 3 times a week no-nonsense cardio class
  • Grocery store shopping trip
  • How to order out at a restaurant trip
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Weekly fitness tips
  • Online journal membership
  • Gym membership
  • Support, accountability, and guidance from the Freeman Formula
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