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Get Gorgeous

Don’t let the name fool you, this program will bring you from unconfident and unnoticed to a toned, vibrant, confident woman.  Designed to specifically target trouble areas for women, this program shapes, tones, and lifts all the essentials.  Kim Freeman, the brains behind this masterpiece of a program, believes in training muscles under a pre-fatigued state otherwise known as the bricking method.  This pushes clients further into forcing a contraction and ultimately breed’s extraordinary results.   If you are ready for a challenge, eliminate your trouble areas, and lift and raise both your body and confidence, Get Gorgeous is for you!

Program is complete with 3 workouts per week, a fully customizable nutrition plan that is ever evolving with progress throughout the program, weekly body comps, and a comprehensive cardio/supplement regiment.

We only run this program once or twice a year~ call now to reserve your spot.

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