Personal Training

Many of our clients come to us with weight to lose and are tired of not achieving their goals.

Others are already conditioned and fit but want to increase muscle tone and definition.

We have trained clients from ages 12 to 82 and we offer workout training options to fit virtually every fitness level.

Well Rounded has traveled all over the world teaching about health and fitness.
We have been published in every International Fitness and Muscle magazine in the world.

Featured by ESPN’s Cold Pizza and Howard Stern’s Radio and TV show.

International Muscle Magazine featured Well Rounded as the most successful personal training company in New York.

Well Rounded offers a wide variety of high quality workouts and exercise systems.

Our personal Training offers One trainer to one to six clients of similar goals and fitness levels.  

Our personal training programs are customized for your body and fitness goals.   Lose body fat, weight, tone or build muscle, improve your body composition, strength, endurance, flexibility, stress level and many other key factors that will help you look better and feel better every day.

We also offer One on One Training:
One client to one trainer.  Our team of trainers excel at the art of health management. Our clients get in the best shape of their lives using innovative tools and equipment, and impeccable technique. Maximize your potential so you can be more confident, feel better and create dramatic change.

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