Project 42

“Give me 42 days and I’ll turn you into a sleek and sculpted, unstoppable powerhouse!” ~Jeramy Freeman

Project 42 is a revolutionary system of sweat-inducing, mentally challenging, muscle-stimulating workouts, designed to transform your body into a sleek and sculpted powerhouse in just 42 days.

The Project is unique in that it is a point-based challenge whereby you compete against a number of focused competitors for the chance to win a Grand Prize trip to Hawaii.

In addition to 42 consecutive days of intense workouts, you’ll also receive:

  • A customized nutritional plan to ensure weight loss and muscle gain.
  • A comprehensive body fat analysis, which pinpoints the areas of focus and improvement.
  • Regular and ongoing measurements to ensure progress, and celebrate achievements.
  • A goal setting and detailed fitness journal that charts your plan for a successful transformation.
  • Peer support and accountability partners to help you maintain focus and commitment.
  • Daily motivation designed to inspire you to reach your full potential.

Our approach to success is based on six performance blocks that are universally applicable. These building blocks are the pillars in which your goals can achieved. They organize behavior, actions and encourage both physical and mental toughness.

The six building blocks include:

  • Purpose Driven Behavior
  • Commitment and Responsibility
  • Relentless Activity
  • Indomitable Spirit
  • Momentum and Maintenance
  • Empowerment and Transformation

You will be astounded by your results!

Our average client loses 42 pounds of body fat in 42 days!

Our clients get in shape, lose weight, streamline & tighten their body.  They get healthy & strong, feel better and have the energy to enjoy life, all in 42 days!

Our program director has created the ultimate plan with your goals in mind.   A high performance program that combines the best of over two decades of achievements in the health & fitness field.  Our team of trainers will keep you engaged, energized, and challenged every step of the way.

We will target the cause of weight gain & fatigue.  It can help you to reverse the process helping you to lose weight as fast as possible all while being at your absolute healthiest.  This comprehensive program works in synergy with your body’s own biological functions.


We are specialists in dropping large amounts of body fat quickly & safely.


Project 42 is an all inclusive program:
    • Fitness Evaluation
    • Body Fat Analysis
    • Cardio Regime
    • Unlimited Cardio Classes
    • Supplement Guide
    • Accountability
    • Guidance from your team of trainers
    • Online Journal and direct access to your team of Trainers
    • Trainer follow up on your customized profile
    • Supportive Group Environment
    • Training sessions with our team of trainers
    • Customized Nutritional Program based on you and your goals
    • An education that will last a lifetime
    • Nutrition Classes as well as Goal Setting Classes from our experts

The Winner of Project 42 will receive:
  • Estimated value over $6,ooo.oo
  • Trip for two to Hawaii
  • 1 month of free training with Well Rounded Health & Fitness
  • $500.00 gift certificate to
  • $300.00 of products
  • 3 months free gym membership to Well Rounded Health & Fitness
  • Assorted prizes from our sponsors;
    Paparazzi Day Spa,, Now, Freeman Formula

Limited space is available:
Due to the amount of time, energy & extra effort we give our clients, we only accept a specific number of clients for Project 42.  Make your appointment now to see if you are eligible to start your transformation process.

Where will you be in 42 days? 

In order to hold your time slot you must have a deposit on the program.  Make an appointment for your interview  by calling 315-885-1100.  The purpose of the consultation is to answer all your questions, determine if you are eligible and help get you started.   Don’t waste time being unhappy with how you look and feel when 42 days from now you can be your best!

Project 42 fills quickly... Are you ready for a new experience?  For a new you?   Sign up today, Embrace the Challenge… Project 42!

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