Extraordinary Life Challenge

What is the Extraordinary Life Challenge (ELC)?
A Long Distance Online intense and results oriented training program.

Six weeks of dedication & commitment to implementing all the key factors to make major change in many areas in your life.
The ELC cost is $679.00 and includes:

Personalized nutrition plan.
Personalized cardio regiment.
Personalized supplement plan.
Your own member page on Freeman Formula website giving you access our newly developed journal.
Guidance that will help to keep you focused, driven and on track.
Access to Freeman Formula trainers for added accountability.
Daily workouts written to help you achieve spectacular results quickly.

Once completed you can be entered into a contest that happens once a year:

What you can win?
A trip for two to Hawaii six days  five nights (Hotel and airfare)
$1000 spending money while in Hawaii.
$400 prize pack of Freeman Formula products.
One month training package at Well Rounded Health and Fitness.
Three month gym membership at Well Rounded Health and Fitness.
Spa package to Paparazzi Day Spa.
An ultimate Massage package.
Photo shoot with professional photographer.
And much much more.

How do you win?
10%-Your Story.  Tell us your story.
How did this program make your life more Extraordinary?

50%-Body Changes. Based on composition change (highest points)
One point for each lb. muscle gained
One point for each  lb. of fat lost
One point for % of fat lost
One point for each lb. of weight lost on scale

30%-Social Media.  How well you can promote yourself and Freeman Formula, the Extraordinary Life Challenge and Well Rounded Health and Fitness, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog posts etc. tag your videos and posts with Freeman Formula

10%-Votes  Community votes on Facebook and our in house judging panel.

How can you get the Extraordinary Life Challenge for FREE?
Get five friends to sign up with you, create a FF team.

How can you get all the supplements that go along with the program for FREE?
Get five more people to sign up to do the ELC with you and your product for the challenge are free.
Live an Extraordinary Life Now and Embrace the Challenge!

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