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Mar 10

Packing For Our Family Vacation To Europe | A Manifested Reality!

Packing is just like anything else in life: it can be extremely fun or extremely stressful based completely on YOUR feeling about the subject. If you start an activity with positive intent, even the most boring of subjects can be fun and exciting! 

Packing for this trip internationally to Europe with Alex for her birthday was so much fun! It was even more fun to know that she didn’t work hard for this trip, but she ALIGNED hard for this trip! Seeing my daughter’s manifestations come to life was so magical and I want to treasure every moment- including the packing!

The key to upgrading your packing is setting your intention. If you set your intent that you are going to have exactly what you need and not forget anything- you guessed it! You will have exactly what you need and not forget anything!

We are conversing with the universe at all times with every thought we think and word we speak! We know this! Whether packing list or affirmation, writing helps me focus and maintain clarity. Sitting down and preparing my checklist before I start packing helps the whole process go along even more smoothly.

When packing for Europe, I needed to make sure that I was comfortable. “Comfort” has a different definition for everyone, and I believe comfort goes beyond slippers and yoga pants. To be truly comfortable, I love always being, looking, and feeling like my best self! I made sure when I was packing my clothes, everything would make me feel my best- even in my comfy clothes!

I wanted to make sure that had everything I need to feel my best, and that meant I needed to bring along Upgrade, (green apple is my favorite) Complete Meal, & my dark chocolate superfood snack! I use these products every day to help treat my body kindly. I never think of eating healthy as “depriving myself” or “punishing myself.” I change my thought process and thank my body for what it does for me, and reward it with things that will make me think and perform my best!

I am a girl’s girl and so traveling with my makeup bag is a must! I love being able to have exactly what I need for a full face, without going overboard. Traveling with too much is unnecessary! I like to purchase products that are of great quality and that last a long time. Do not be afraid of a price tag! You always need to look at everything you desire and think “I can afford that!” And the universe will say, “your wish is my command!” Treating my skin better with more quality products is my way of saying “thank you!” To my skin and the better I feel about my skin the better it behaves! Like attracts like in this universe of inclusion! 🙂

I always make sure to travel with exactly what I need to still be able to work. As an entrepreneur, it is important for me to be able to check on my businesses regardless of where I am. I have aligned myself with a power team and am able to vacation and trust that things will run smoothly, but I always want to be prepared. The universe always has this wonderful way of aligning us with people and places we need, so I always bring my business card! You never know when it will come in handy!

Feel free to download this printable checklist and use it for your next adventure. Did I miss anything? Do you travel with something else? Let me know in the comments!


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