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Jan 03

The Pursuit of Extraordinary

The Pursuit of Extraordinary.  Our new show is finally here!!  We are so excited to bring this to you!!  This is a goal we have been working on for some time now.  This personal development show will feature Jeramy and Kim Freeman as they offer positive and thought provoking personal development, nutrition and wellness coaching as well as business success programming.  

The show will cover all aspects of what we do…wellness, mindfulness, nutrition, meditation, exercise, productivity, relationships, supplementation, parenting, goal setting, principles for success and as always, education on how the body works.

Jeramy and I will host the show and we are excited to help guide and empower our viewers on their path to personal success. We will bring you new research, education and practical tips, tools, rituals and strategies to help you live your best life in 2018.

The show will offer the our unconventional concepts that have created massive success in our life and in the lives of our clients and customers. We know that together we can create change and continue to transforms our lives—that is inevitable. But our mission is to transform the lives of others.

Our goal is to create conscious change and growth daily for our family, team, clients and customers.

Extraordinary living requires growth and continual learning. Join Jeramy Freeman and Kim Freeman as they tackle trendy topics offering you tips, tricks and hacks to achieve your best life now.  Winners win and Losers lose.  Are you winning in your life?  Let’s create a winner’s mindset for 2018.  Join us as we launch our new show, The Pursuit of Extraordinary. Weekly segments to help you upgrade your life.  Beginning TODAY here at . 

Please watch and comment and send us any topics you would like us to tackle!

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