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May 20

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning your house, your car, your cabinets is pretty much the norm this time of year. The air is cleaner, the windows are finally open and we are ready, naturally to begin letting the new and the fresh in.

We get rid of the clutter of our life, and welcome in the openness.

The way I begin cleansing my internal is by taking Freeman Formula’s Alkalize

to create the foundation for a healthy body.

Alkalize assists your body in acid neutralization and creating a PH that allows healthy fat release.

Alkalize is a great way to clean your inner body and begin the season with a properly balanced system.

What I like to remember is not to only spring clean my home, but to spring clean my energy level, my vibration.

It’s so important to spring clean limiting beliefs that are no longer serving me.

We need to learn how to let go of old beliefs that are no longer true once you decide they are not true.

We always take inventory of our groceries, our home, what new spring colors we need in our makeup collection, but we need to make it more of a priority to sit down and take inventory of our feelings and our beliefs.

A belief is just a practiced thought, which means that you can change your belief system on anything.  All we have to do is choosing the thought that aligns with who you are now and what you are wanting, now.

We can change our beliefs on love, abundance, jobs, ANYTHING we choose!

By taking inventory and “cleaning out” any of the feelings that no longer serve our highest good, we remove the clutter in our energy level, our vibration- the most necessary clutter to purge of all.

A great idea is to write a list of the things most important to you: abundance, marriage, career, whatever they may be, and write down all of your thoughts, freely and without judgment.

Each subject is really two subjects- what you want and what you don’t want.

You want to find out what subject you must work on.

When you think about money, do you feel freedom and excitement and unlimited? Or do you feel like you don’t have enough? You might feel a little bit of both- but do you know which one is more dominant?

Whatever is more dominant is your active vibration.

When you find where you are, do what you can to choose the thought that feels better or the thought that is of a higher vibration and keep thinking it!

You might be thinking if it is that easy, why doesn’t everybody do it? Because we are complacent in our thinking. We think it is habitual and we have to control our thoughts. Remember, it is impossible to control your thoughts. It IS possible to CHOOSE them more deliberately. It IS possible to think yourself into that better place.

It IS possible to change your beliefs.

Start just like you would spring cleaning with one room at a time- in this case, one area of thought.

Focus on it until it feels clean- you’ll feel the shift.

Once you allow yourself the freedom to “throw things away” you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

why wait to do a vibrational cleaning until spring?

Do it all the time so you begin living your extraordinary life.

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