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Mar 18

The Feeling Of Vacation

We spend our whole life waiting for five o’clock or waiting for the weekend or wishing we could go on vacation. We spend a lot of time wishing and not a lot of time creating, and in doing so we end up is missing out on the only moment that there really is: right now.

Being on vacation in Europe is amazing. It is beautiful, it is exciting, it is wonderful! But so is waking up every morning at home, next to my husband, and with my three beautiful daughters.

The delicious food I am indulging in on vacation is amazing, but I can also make delicious, yummy food to nourish my body at home! The sunset that I watched outside my window this morning is the same sun that rises every morning in my window over my bed. The walking I do through the busy city streets where I can people watch and take in all the sights, is available to me, every single day. I can have an adventure and the feeling of being in the moment anywhere that I am. How amazing is it to know the power is up to me!

This is not to say do not take a vacation, or do not enrich your life with travel, as it is one of my favorite and most fulfilling things to do! But what it is encouraging and inspiring you to remember, is that the feeling of being on vacation is exactly that: a feeling.

Feelings or emotions are just that. E- motion, energy in motion, and you can change your energy any time you choose!

Anything that we want in life is because in the having of it, we believe we will feel better. How beautiful is it to know that we can have these feelings without the actual manifestation at any time we want?

You can “feel” vacation in your heart space by simply setting an intention and your focus! You can feel “in love” without being in love. Concentrate, and focus right now! Fill your whole body with the feeling of love! I told you!

One of my favorite things to do when I meditate is fill my whole body up with love. Then I work on the room I am in. It is so powerful to know that you can create the energy in which you want, and you can change the feeling of the room or anywhere else.

So stop watching the clock and wish your life away to five o clock, or sit at work miserably everyday until Easter break. Relish in every moment and practice the feeling of being on “vacation” in the now.  Practice the feeling of being mindful and present in the moment because that is all there really is! How incredible would it be to savor every moment, and not just the really big ones. In the end you’ll find out, they are all really big!

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