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May 23

It’s time to become a Double Downer 🤔

You are now more than halfway through the Project 42 program.  How were your body comp results?  Over the years of working with clients just like you, we see different reactions to results. 

Almost all fall into these categories regardless of their results. :

The Ease Offers, The Giver Uppers, The Wanna Be Righter, The Double Downers. 

The Ease Offer:

This is the one that tries a little and loses like crazy.  Some have good, but usually great results and are celebrating their results with dinner and drinks.  They are so busy patting themselves on the back that a week has gone by and they didn’t meal prep, or go to extra cardio, and they are in the same place they were when they did their body comp a week or two later. 

The Giver Upper-

These clients didn’t get great results and that even after all the years of messing up their metabolism, eating wrong, and not training and feeding their mind and spirit with negativity, they believe they should have lost 21 pounds at the halfway point but instead lost 2 pounds of body fat. Therefore the program isn’t working and they decide in their mind to give up.  After all, Mr. Ease Offer lost 25 pounds and he doesn’t even try.

The Wanna Be Righter:

These beautiful clients decide that they worked this hard and only lost 8-10 pounds, what does it even matter?   See, Jeramy I am your worst client.  See, this doesn’t work for me.  I told you. 


Then we have The Double Downer:

This is the client that it doesn’t matter what their results were, they are all in.  They up their game and continue to give everything to their success.  They are not saving some for later.  They are not wishing for something different or more.  They are working their asses off.  Following their meal plan, journaling, taking their supplements and implementing the mindset principles into their life.  They no longer worry if their friends care what they are doing, they are changing right in front of your eyes, both physically and mentally.  These are clients that will have successful results no matter their body comp.  (which by the way… always turns out awesome)

It’s time to decide who you are and what do you choose for yourself?  What are your limiting beliefs?  What defines you? Who defines you? Have you started to redefine who you are and what you want?  Do you feel a mind-shift or aha moment? What category do you fall into?  If you are not a Double Downer but want to be, speak with your coach to help you move into the mindset of the successful. 

Contact me, Jeramy or your trainer we can help!! 

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