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Mar 19

Trusting your Inner GPS

I’ve never ridden a Segway before, but when I think about it, there was also a time that I had never driven a car before, or ridden a bicycle. There was a time when I never step foot on an airplane, and there was a time I never even know how big a real train was!

There are so many different ways these days to get where you are going. Different destinations call for different forms of transportation. I love long walks, but I could never have made it to Paris by foot! I love boating and oceans, but sometimes that doesn’t always make sense for where I am going.

The same thing goes for taking yourself from one place to another vibrationally. Sometimes you need to meditate, sometimes you need to go to sleep, sometimes you need to practice gratitude, and sometimes you need to exercise.

Different places on the emotional scale will require different actions to help you increase your frequency, and that is okay. Sometimes you cannot make it from depressed to grateful. Sometimes you have to stop at a few traffic lights along the way. But as long as you keep your eyes on the road and your destination in mind, you will never go wrong.


Your GPS will never yell at you if you make a wrong turn. She firmly repeats herself, sometimes so much so we get a little annoyed, but never raises her voice, never is disappointed, and never tells you that you did it wrong. The GPS just guides you right back to your path.

That is exactly what the spirit within you does. It consistently guides you back to your path, without ever being upset at you for taking a wrong turn or stopping to see some new scenery. You are always being guided back. Depending on how far you wander, it may take a little while to turn back around, and of course, you have the choice to at times ignore it, but you still will always be guided back to your path, as soon as you are ready.

You never leave your path, you can just wander a few extra steps away. So regardless of how many stop lights you think are slowing you down, you are still going to make it. It doesn’t matter how quickly or “luckily” you breeze through certain days…sometimes the detour is a blessing from stopping you from getting somewhere you do not need to go.

Listen to your inner guidance, and no matter how fast or slow you get there, always remember to enjoy the ride. “Are we there yet,” is never the question you want to be answered! How do I feel every step of the way is!


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