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Jul 23


Last week we talked about productivity hacks and we told you we would provide you the most important secret- most important upgrade- the most important productivity tool which is truly aligning your body, mind, and spirit. Most people have no idea what this even means. “body, mind, and spirit” is almost like a trendy catchphrase in the yoga community, but not the entrepreneur one. The fact is that everyone needs this alignment in order to manifest and create the reality that they want. Most people take care of their body but not their mind, their mind but not their body, or their spirit but nothing else. Spirit can be a strange word to some people. Jeramy explains how your physiology affects your thoughts (spirit) which affects your emotion which affects your actions, which creates your life. His mindset series is the third best productivity tool that you can have to put all of this into the highest perspective for you.

Understanding how your body works, how to treat it, how to nourish it, and how to take care of it is extremely important. If you are tired or have no energy,  if you are undernourished or overweight,  if you are not feeling your best you will not accomplish your best. If you don’t understand that everything is vibration and that food has a frequency, how will you know what you are putting into your body? You need to understand how your body works in order to be able to have the foundation you need to breed success.

Understanding how your mind works and how to obtain mental clarity is extremely important. Not having anxiety or negative thoughts and only having to an environment of inspiration is what every entrepreneur needs. It is important to stay positive, control what you are thinking, and most people think they have no control. Learning how to harness the mental power that is already yours the secret that the millionaires and billionaires of the world have.

Understanding that “spirit” is not religious and that it is truly just your thoughts makes a huge difference. Coming to the realization that thoughts are vibration and that thoughts create your reality and perception is everything is the MAIN piece everyone is missing. But remember, having a great body but anxiety or having mental clarity and being terribly out of shape doesn’t work! It takes all three to have a perfect life- an extraordinary life!

Mindset Series Here:

Jeramy’s mindset series will help you discover how to align your body, mind, and spirit- the true secret that only the best know how to unlock! It gives you all the secrets and all the upgrades that you need to upgrade your entire, extraordinary life!

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