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Jul 16

Your Magic Wand is Productive

Most people are looking for specific productivity tools. The app that will change their life! The book that will alter their thinking! The video that has all the answers.

These things are all necessary and are all helpful. They encourage your journey and strengthen your purpose- but it is until you define that purpose that you will not be as successful as you can truly be.

Jeramy does not believe in the power being outside yourself. Jeramy knows and teaches that the power is and has always been within you. The second you try to give your power and your strength away is only pulling your further away from your magic wand. Its creating a dependency on other people’s journeys and takes the focus away from your own.

Your magic wand, your belief, your knowing in that future is what you need! Without this, nothing will work. ONCE you achieve that success, THEN that is when the books and the seminars and the teachings actually make sense. Until you get to that point, you are unable to absorb that information and that knowledge. You don’t have the focus to put them into practice and you cannot flourish. Jeramy does not want you to be dependent on him, but learn to be sufficient within yourself. Every product, every book, and every seminar teaches you to utilize the power that is within YOU. He is not a guru preaching the only life path. He is teaching you to CREATE your life path and provides you what you need to make that happen for you. You can take the information he gives you and create your own magic wand the way you want, with no judgement or interference from the outside.

The most important productivity tool that you can have is your magic wand. Waking up with a purpose and failing asleep with a dream every day is what is important to the success of your entire future. You hold the power in this purpose and in this vision with your unwavering focus. Jeramy teaches the value of purpose and exposes how to find it so you are aligned with your highest good- and keep you smiling!

UPGRADE is the second most important productivity tool. The ultimate brain formula, UPGRADE is going to help give you the focus you need to stay true to YOUR magic wand, not someone else’s. UPGRADE allows you to keep that focus, maintain mental clarity, and have excessive productivity- not just false busy-ness that makes us “feel” like we are getting something done. We know when we do that we are truly not getting anything done, we feel overwhelmed and unsuccessful, but we continue to go on this way. UPGRADE alleviates all that, as it allows you to stay focused and prioritize without even thinking about it. The ultimate brain formula does the work for you!!

Tune in to next week’s blog for the ultimate productivity tool and upgrade hack!
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