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CPT, IFBB Professional Athlete, CEO Freeman Formula LLC, CEO Well Rounded Health & Fitness, Owner Reality Investments Real Estate, President Well Rounded Wellness

You have to believe in yourself, educate yourself, and dream big in order to achieve anything you set out to accomplish. That is a mantra I have held for over 21 years as I have worked to become the authority on health, fitness, nutrition and improving mental and physical strength. Today, those values and true passion has propelled me to become a leader in fitness, nutrition, weight loss, fat burning and supplementation. It’s not just my knowledge base, schooling and certifications that make me who I am, it’s my real world, hands on experience and nutrition plans that are truly revolutionary.

I have had the privilege to provide fitness and nutritional guidance for countless athletes, business professionals as well as NHL Hockey Athletes, UFC and MMA Fighters, Division 1 Athletes, Recruits entering the Military, Corporate Executives, The Los Angeles Angels and more important; real life everyday people.

As a professional athlete and trainer I have been highlighted, promoted and published in every major health and fitness, and muscle magazine in the world for the last ten years. You may have seen me featured in a number of international publications, television, radio, and other media outlets such as, Flex, Muscle Mag International, Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, and Muscular Development. From 2000 to 2001, I was the most photographed bodybuilder in the world. I was also featured as the Cover model for ” El Mundo De Muscle,” the number one muscle and fitness magazine in France and Switzerland.

I am also proud to be a successful entrepreneur and owner of many business endeavors the closest to my heart is, Well Rounded Health and Fitness located in upstate New York. In fact, I am the only professional in my class to formulate, create and represent my own line of health supplement products. Freeman Formula is quickly becoming a household name for a wide range of professional athletes, corporate America and anyone looking to get a mental or physical edge. Using my background in cellular biology and nutrition science, I have developed numerous products designed to enhance performance and weight loss in a safe and healthy way.

Above all else, I am a professional goal achiever. I help others discover and define their goals and help them reach it. That’s why I love what I do.

Jeramy is available for Motivational Seminars and Health Education Classes. Specializing in topics ranging from Nutrition, The Biology of Fat Loss, Motivation vs. Inspiration, Massive Fat Loss for Results, Sexy Muscle Gain and Increasing Muscle for Performance, Lifestyle and Wellness Classes, Family Fitness Education. If you would like to have Jeramy speak at your next conference or event, please call 315-885-1100.

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CPT, Model, Contracted Athlete, Owner of Well Rounded Health & Fitness, VP Freeman Formula LLC., VP Well Rounded Wellness

I have been in the Health, Fitness & Beauty business my entire life. Modeling from the time I was twelve years old to completely transforming before the eyes of the world with the number one supplement company in the world as an endorsed athlete. I have been featured and highlighted in all major national and international magazines from Vogue to Oxygen.

Always using and teaching the Freeman Formula Transformation Techniques to aspiring models and athletes.
I have worked in the weight loss field in every aspect from working the front desk at a health club, to being a certified personal trainer, to leading a team of corporate trainers.

As the national director of training for a Fortune 500 Company, I would teach how to run a profitable health & wellness business. I was directly responsible for teaching weight loss strategies, customer service for wellness and behavior modification. I would teach and implement strategies that would increase sales and revenues to wellness and weight loss industry owners and operators.

Teaching new and innovative methods are my specialty, using any modalities available. Helping you achieve what you never thought possible, taking a different approach and helping you become more is my passion.

My experience is ever expanding, offering you new ways to get in shape, increase your personal power while streamlining and helping you to chisel a gorgeous sexy body with the mindset of a warrior.


Singer. Songwriter. Entrepreneur. Motivational Speaker for kids.  

Alex prides herself in being a goal achiever at the tender age of 9.  She has written, recorded and helped to produce her own EP available on iTunes, Spotify and all major media outlets.

She has created a motivational series for kids to help them “live with greatness!”

She has a huge “magic wand goal” of becoming a Disney performer like her role models Zendaya and Selena Gomez, while continuing to be on the honor roll.

She is creating her stage show for this next year singing her original songs with a couple covers, lighting, back up dancers creating a cool entertaining show for kids of all ages.

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Alex is available for special events, schools, and concerts.

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Rich is a personal trainer and general manager for Well Rounded Health and Fitness, a company which specializes in changing lives through health, nutrition, supplementation, fitness, and also making better CHOICES!

Rich has certifications in World Instructor Training Schools and the National Exercise Trainers Association.

Mr Jacobs has impacted and changed 1000s of peoples lives in the 10 years he has been with the company. He is a loving father to three extraordinary boys and is married to his amazing beautiful wife Danielle.


Brock is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University. He holds a bachelors in Kinesiology with a minor in general sciences.

He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist as well as a certified spinal cord injury recovery specialist.

Prior to joining Team Freeman, Brock held the position of Manager and Lead Trainer at Next Step Orlando, where he designed and led aggressive exercise based recovery programs for people with neurological disorders.

He has an innate ability to inspire others to achieve their fitness and life goals. Brock has true passion for nutrition, wellness, and fitness. He himself, lives an extremely healthy lifestyle and dedicates many hours a week in the gym. With the love and support of his beautiful wife, Brittany, and their two miniature dachshunds, Flex and Copper, Brock continues to learn and grow everyday and would love to share his knowledge with you.

If you are someone who wants to take your fitness or life goals to the next level and grow with Brock, please contact him via email at


I am a certified personal trainer through ISSA.

I was a 3 sport high school and college athlete, and have always been into any athletic.

I joined Well Rounded Health and Fitness in January 2015, as a client, and I haven’t looked back.

After the start of my second program as a client I knew that this profession was something I wanted to pursue.

I started the process to become a trainer and received my certification in January 2016. I became a trainer at Well Rounded in April 2016 and couldn’t ask to be around a better group of people.

Owners, co-workers and clients make this job so rewarding. I use job loosely because when you do something you love it’s hard to call it work!


Growing up always working and playing sports, I was always trying to increase my fitness level.

When I went to college things started to slow down a little.

I went to Alfred State where I graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Technology.

Though I played rugby in while attending Alfred I took some major steps backward with my fitness.

A couple years after graduating I decided it was time to do something about that.
I decided to get back in shape.

About a year after I started working out again I came to Well Rounded Health and Fitness and participated in a couple programs and personal training.
Through there I decided to attend a W.I.T.S. certification program at Onondaga Community College.

I obtained my W.I.T.S certification and worked my way to becoming a part time trainer at Well Rounded Health and Fitness.
I still work full time as a Manufacturing Engineer, by enjoy helping other achieve their goals.


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IMG_8046Meet Mitch Arnold. A trail blazer in modern music and entertainment, paving the way for the return of of true rock n’ roll. A performer, entrepreneur, business owner, writer, guitar player and lead singer of the band Wayland, Mitch displays a balancing act that a few could execute with such charisma.
A native of Ellettsville, IN, Mitch grew up in a family of coaches and teachers where fitness and exercise were always a priority. Playing sports and staying active outdoors provided a springboard for the motivation he used now to stay healthy despite his busy and demanding schedule. As a lead singer of a rock band that continues to tour 300 days out of the year, Mitch has made a habit of finding gyms and workout time and space all over the country.
With the help and guidance of his personal trainer, Ashley Venhuizen and her gym RxFitness located in Stockton, IL, Mitch is able to use CrossFit exercise along with a balanced diet to stay in shape and put on high intensity, powerful rock n’ roll shows all over the world.
As a firm believer in meditation, fresh, healthy eating and regular exercise, Mitch is becoming an exception and positive roll model for health and well-being.
The people and products of Freeman Formula have helped Mitch and those around him to push his training and quality of life to the next level.


councilCOUNCIL consists of three brothers hoping to trade in a life of farming for success in their true passion: music.

Pat, Doug and Andy Reeves have balanced working in the fields of Baldwinsville, NY. during the day and honing their craft at night in their family barn and their commitment to their music has begun to pay off. They have recently gained both local and national attention for their unique sound and charismatic performances. Having played numerous successful shows at the mainstays in NYC, and opening for bands such as The All American Rejects and The Kooks, they have established themselves as one of the top up-and-coming bands to watch.

COUNCIL has just finished their debut EP, Rust To Gold, with Grammy Nominated Producer Justin Gray (Mariah Carey, John Legend), 10-Time Grammy Nominated Mixer Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers) and Mastering Legend Howie Weinberg (U2, Nirvana).


Band Sites :


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