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Healthy Baby Formula

Combine these vitamins and ingredients in a custom baby formula to ensure your child starts life with a bright future. Harness your baby’s potential with proper nutrients.

Learn more.

ELG Book

The Extraordinary Living Guide is your “Go-to Manual” for all things “Life”.  Learn fun and effective tips and techniques on how to manage your money, relationships, kids, and most importantly…YOU! You will find delicious and nutritious recipes using both whole food and the premium line of supplements Freeman Formula.  Gain insight on how to achieve your goals and become a goal achiever not a goal setter.  Are you the waist size you want to be? Are you at the fat percentage you want to be at? You can be by applying the tips in the ELG today! Download now and start enjoying the Extraordinary Life you deserve and learn from the trusted experts in the industry Jeramy and Kim Freeman!



Mix Book

Lifestyle Complete Meal is an essential element of any diet.  In order to perform at your ultimate best and achieve your goals you must fuel your body and brain. Lifestyle Complete Meal is jam packed with nutrition from 25grams of ion exchange whey protein isolate to 13grams of brown rice carbohydrates.  It also has a full vitamin and mineral profile as well as chia superfood!! Lifestyle Complete Meal combines the benefits of these ultra quality nutritional powerhouses in a smooth, mouthwatering shake that’s quick to prepare, travel with and easy to clean up after. This mix book is full of delicious and nutritious recipes that you and your whole family will love.  Download now and start enjoying nutrition that works for you!



Download Our Valentine's Book

There is a collective sigh of relief among those committed to a lifestyle of fitness and health when the onetwo punch of the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season is over. The parties are done, the cookies, snacks, and big meals are gone and we turn our attention to the new year and hitting the reset button on our diet and fitness regimen. After all, spring is not so far away and we want our bodies in the best shape possible. Not so fast! Here it comes— Valentine’s Day! The holiday that celebrates love with cards, romantic dinners, and chocolate. It’s a calorie fest all over again that can throw a wrench into your hard earned progress to undo the Christmas season damage or for those who made it through the holiday season with little or no damage, gains they’ve worked hard for. Check out our Valentine’s Book Great ideas for gifts and tips to stay on target during your program.


Healthy ShamROCK Shake

Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with a homemade, creamy, minty Healthy Shamrock Shake!

McDonald’s super yummy Shamrock Shake is back with 50 ingredients including high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, and artificial dye.

It contains 33 different artificial, chemical-heavy ingredients that wreak havoc on our health.

Download and make this yummy healthy version

Extraordinary Thanksgiving Cookbook

Happy Thanksgiving! Just because it’s a day of celebrating and temptation, doesn’t mean that you can’t eat clean and healthy without feeling that you are missing out on the celebration! Freeman Formula is offering you an Extraordinary Thanksgiving Cookbook. Learn more.


12 Days of Extraordinary

At Freeman Formula, we want to thank you for your continued support of our business.

Please enjoy this booklet we hope you will take some time to reflect with family and friends to celebrate all of the blessings that the holiday season brings. Click here for more info.

Spicy Deviled Eggs

Spring is an exciting time of year! The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and Easter and Passover give us the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. On the other end, you might be concerned that the holidays and celebrations with friends and family mean that temptations to eat foods that aren’t so healthy may compromise your efforts.

Don’t sweat it! Just because holidays are here does not mean that you should become stressed. There are many ways to enjoy this time of year without feelings of guilt afterward. The key to staying healthy and avoiding that voice of guilt in your head after the holidays are over is being mindful during your gatherings.

Download this delicious Deviled Egg recipe for a healthy option and enjoy knowing you are maintaining your momentum to your health and wellness goals.



Lifestyle Cookbook

The Lifestyle Cookbook is jam packed full of quality nutritional recipes that will fuel you to go after all of your health and wellness goals and life goals.  The Lifestyle Cookbook is the definition of “good nutrition” which encompasses eating for performance, health and body composition.  If you sacrifice any one of these areas in your nutrition then you are not using ingredients you need in the quantities you need.  Your nutrition should give you the energy you need to accomplish all of your daily goals, the nutrients you need to maintain and improve your health, and the fat burning effects to improve your body composition weather that is increasing your lean muscle tissue, reducing your body fat percentage…or both!!  Download the Lifestyle Cookbook to get all of the delicious and nutritious recipes we use and our clients use to achieve our goals and become the best version of ourselves.



Downloadable Travel Checklist!

Kim Packing List Make sure you download Kim’s “What’s In Her Suitcase” Travel Checklist with information on what she packs in her makeup bag, purse, carry on, and suitcase for her daughter’s manifested trip to Europe!


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