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Rich Jacobs and Kim Freeman

Well Rounded Health and Fitness is one of New York State’s most successful personal training and nutrition companies. Founded by Jeramy and Kim Freeman, they are known for dramatic personal transformations that last. The company’s nutrition plans are the most advanced in the industry.

The company is also known as the “trainer’s trainer,” providing health and fitness consulting to some of the biggest names in the world including; Gold’s Gym, Bally’s Total Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Aspen Fitness, Aerobic Instructors, Fortune 500 Weight Loss Professionals, Nikken Representatives, Wellness Practitioners, Physical Therapists and more.

Well Rounded has also provided fitness and nutritional guidance for NHL Hockey Athletes, UFC Ultimate Fighters, Division 1 Athletes, Recruits entering the Military, Corporate Executives, and California Angels.

Co-Owner Jeramy Freeman is the authority on health, fitness, nutrition and improving yourself mentally and physically. As a professional athlete Jeramy has been highlighted, promoted and published in every major health and fitness, and muscle magazine in the world for the last ten years. He has also been featured in a number of international publications, television, radio, and other media outlets such as, Flex, Muscle Mag International, Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, and Muscular Development.

Co-Owner Kim Freeman was an endorsed athlete with the number one supplement company in the world, and a former national director of training for a Fortune 500 Company. She has been working her entire life in the health, fitness and beauty industry. Kim has built her career on offering people new ways to get in shape, increase their personal power, streamline their life, chisel their body, and create the mindset of a warrior. Her approach has gained media attention and has been featured and highlighted in all major national international magazines from Vogue to Oxygen.

Well Rounded Health & Fitness has an extensive team of expert fitness trainers, programs and products to train the mind and body to achieve more.

Many clients come with weight to lose, and are tired of not achieving their goals. Others are already conditioned and fit, but want to increase muscle tone and definition.

Well Rounded has trained clients from ages 12 to 82, and offer workout training options to fit virtually every fitness level.

Well Rounded has traveled all over the world teaching about health and fitness and has been published in every International Fitness and Muscle magazine in the world. Featured by ESPN’s Cold Pizza and Howard Stern’s Radio and TV show, Well Rounded offers health & fitness guidance for television and radio programing.

International Muscle Magazine featured Well Rounded as the most successful personal training company in New York.

Well Rounded offers a wide variety of high quality workouts and exercise systems. Our Personal Training programs offer 1 Trainer to up to 6 clients of like goals. We created a cohesive environment that will challenge you and teach you while helping you become your best.

Our programs will help you achieve a strong, streamlined body. Call today for an appointment: 315-885-1100





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Re.Form will re-shape and transform your life by helping you learn proper form, function, and speed of movement.

  • to make changes in something in order to improve it.
  • to bring about change in someone so they no longer behave in a self-destructive manner.
  • to change one’s self in a positive way.

We will teach you how to effectively use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, machines, sandbags, any form of resistance we can use to keep you making progress.

  • Muscle Stimulation Training
  • Power Training
  • Intervals
  • Time Under Tension
  • Drop Sets
  • Rest-Pause
  • Supersets
  • High Intensity VO2 Training

All-Inclusive program:

  • Fitness Evaluations
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Resistance Training
  • Cardio Program
  • Nutrition Class
  • Supplement Education Class
  • Recipe Sharing
  • How To Grocery Shop
  • Cooking Class
  • How To Order Out At A Restaurant
  • Gym Membership

Learn all the elements of weight training to achieve spectacular results. Call to learn how to get started: 315-885-1100.

Project 42

“Give me 42 days and I’ll turn you into a sleek and sculpted, unstoppable powerhouse!” ~Jeramy Freeman

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Project 42 is a revolutionary system of sweat-inducing, mentally challenging, muscle-stimulating workouts, designed to transform your body into a sleek and sculpted powerhouse in just 42 days.

The Project is unique in that it is a point-based challenge whereby you compete against a number of focused competitors for the chance to win a Grand Prize trip to Hawaii.

In addition to 42 consecutive days of intense workouts, you’ll also receive:

  • A customized nutritional plan to ensure weight loss and muscle gain.
  • A comprehensive body fat analysis, which pinpoints the areas of focus and improvement.
  • Regular and ongoing measurements to ensure progress, and celebrate achievements.
  • A goal setting and detailed fitness journal that charts your plan for a successful transformation.
  • Peer support and accountability partners to help you maintain focus and commitment.
  • Daily motivation designed to inspire you to reach your full potential.

Our approach to success is based on six performance blocks that are universally applicable. These building blocks are the pillars in which your goals can achieved. They organize behavior, actions and encourage both physical and mental toughness.

The six building blocks include:

  • Purpose Driven Behavior
  • Commitment and Responsibility
  • Relentless Activity
  • Indomitable Spirit
  • Momentum and Maintenance
  • Empowerment and Transformation

You will be astounded by your results!

Our average client loses 42 pounds of body fat in 42 days!

Our clients get in shape, lose weight, streamline & tighten their body. They get healthy & strong, feel better and have the energy to enjoy life, all in 42 days!

Our program director has created the ultimate plan with your goals in mind. A high-performance program that combines the best of over two decades of achievements in the health & fitness field. Our team of trainers will keep you engaged, energized, and challenged every step of the way.

We will target the cause of weight gain & fatigue. It can help you to reverse the process helping you to lose weight as fast as possible all while being at your absolute healthiest. This comprehensive program works in synergy with your body’s own biological functions.
We are specialists in dropping large amounts of body fat quickly & safely.



Project 42 is an all-inclusive program:
  • Fitness Evaluation
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Cardio Regime
  • Unlimited Cardio Classes
  • Supplement Guide
  • Accountability
  • Guidance from your team of trainers
  • Online Journal and direct access to your team of Trainers
  • Trainer follow-up on your customized profile
  • Supportive Group Environment
  • Training sessions with our team of trainers
  • Customized Nutritional Program based on you and your goals
  • An education that will last a lifetime
  • Nutrition Classes as well as Goal Setting Classes from our experts

The Winner of Project 42 will receive:
  • Estimated value over $6,ooo.oo
  • Trip for two to Hawaii
  • 1 month of free training with Well Rounded Health & Fitness
  • $500.00 gift certificate to Vitaglo.com
  • $300.00 of products
  • 3 months free gym membership to Well Rounded Health & Fitness
  • Assorted prizes from our sponsors;
    Paparazzi Day Spa, Vitaglo.com, Now, Freeman Formula

Limited space is available:
Due to the amount of time, energy & extra effort we give our clients, we only accept a specific number of clients for Project 42. Make your appointment now to see if you are eligible to start your transformation process.

Where will you be in 42 days?

In order to hold your time slot you must have a deposit on the program. Make an appointment for your interview by calling 315-885-1100. The purpose of the consultation is to answer all your questions, determine if you are eligible and help get you started. Don’t waste time being unhappy with how you look and feel when 42 days from now you can be your best!

Project 42 fills quickly… Are you ready for a new experience?  For a new you?   Sign up today, Embrace the Challenge… Project 42!

Personal Training

Many of our clients come to us with weight to lose and are tired of not achieving their goals.

Others are already conditioned and fit but want to increase muscle tone and definition.

We have trained clients from ages 12 to 82 and we offer workout training options to fit virtually every fitness level.

Well Rounded has traveled all over the world teaching about health and fitness.
We have been published in every International Fitness and Muscle magazine in the world.

Featured by ESPN’s Cold Pizza and Howard Stern’s Radio and TV show.

International Muscle Magazine featured Well Rounded as the most successful personal training company in New York.

Well Rounded offers a wide variety of high quality workouts and exercise systems.

Our programs will help you achieve a strong, streamlined body.

Call today for an appointment 315-885-1100.

Cardio Program






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Our Cardio Programs are unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Are you ready to be pushed to your limits?

We know that in order to make major change you must work like you never have.

Today the world is full of, “Get fit easy” schemes. That’s exactly what they are, schemes. We will protect you, educate you and challenge you to achieve more, in every workout.

Adrenaline pumping, calorie burning, extreme conditioning for those of you ready to get in shape and burn fat.

6 weeks includes a Fitness Evaluation, Unlimited Classes, Gym Membership.

F.U.N Training


Who says exercise can’t be FUN? Chisel, dice, and sculpt that super sexy physique and discover what it takes to have the body you love. This exciting program will offer F.U.N. (Functional, Unique, No-nonsense) Training. Below gives you a quick overview of the main concepts and techniques we use.

Functional Training

Resistance Training

  • Tires, Circuit
  • Muscle Stimulation, Kettle Bells
  • Boot Camp, Agility training, Rock Wall Climbing

Unique Programs

Nutritional plan & fitness evaluations included

  • Grocery Store Shopping Trip
  • Restaurant Trip
  • Cooking Demonstration

No-Nonsense Approach

Cardio Class

  • Adrenaline Explosion
  • Extreme Conditioning
  • Fat Burning Blast

F.U.N. Training Includes

  • Fitness evaluation
  • Nutritional Plan
  • 3 times a week resistance training
  • 3 times a week no-nonsense cardio class
  • Grocery store shopping trip
  • How to order out at a restaurant trip
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Weekly fitness tips
  • Online journal membership
  • Gym membership
  • Support, accountability, and guidance from the Freeman Formula

Conquering Everest

Lifestyle Learning

If you’re looking for a fitness regiment and smart nutrition plan that can easily become a lifestyle, than we have the program for you!

Most people get serious about their health and nutrition for a period of time, but how do you stay on track when good intentions meet a busy schedule, a night out at a restaurant or a grocery shopping trip?

In our Lifestyle Learning program, we show you exactly how to make food and decisions that will impact your life in a strong and lasting way.



Here’s what you’ll get in our program:

  • Nutrition Class
  • Supplement Education Class
  • Recipe Sharing
  • How To Grocery Shop
  • Cooking Class
  • How To Order At A Restaurant

If you want to make health, fitness and nutrition a part of your everyday life, join us for this ground-breaking, real-life program.


We care about you…

Here at WRHF you are more than a member. You are a part of our community.

We ask that you have a goal and work toward it. You are required to make changes in order to remain in good standing as a member. No matter what your goals: lose weight, add muscle, run faster, get stronger, or just be a better version of you.

As a member you have a facility that offers a positive, supportive environment. Our staff are all certified personal trainers that know how to achieve results.

We have an 8,500 sq. foot facility tailored for results producing workouts in a welcoming, non-intimidating atmosphere.

  • Saunas
  • Steam Rooms
  • Shower Amenities
  • Versa Climbers
  • Rock Wall
  • Sledge Hammers
  • Tires
  • Step Mill
  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Kettle Bells
  • Rowers
  • Sandbags
  • Performance Bands
  • Free Weights
  • Custom Made Life Fitness Strength Equipment
  • Hand picked pieces by IFBB Professional Athlete; Jeramy Freeman
  • Star Trac Treadmills
  • Spinners, Bikes

Extraordinary Life Challenge

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What is the Extraordinary Life Challenge (ELC)?
A long distance online intense, results oriented training program.

Six weeks of dedication & commitment to implementing key factors to make major change in many areas of your life.


The ELC includes:

Personalized nutrition plan.
Personalized cardio regiment.
Personalized supplement plan.
Your own member page on Freeman Formula website giving you access to our newly developed journal.
Guidance that will help to keep you focused, driven and on track.
Access to Freeman Formula trainers for added accountability.
Daily workouts written to help you achieve spectacular results quickly.

Extraordinary Life Challenge $679.00

ELC Group training
ELC Group training

How can you get the Extraordinary Life Challenge for FREE?
Enroll, have your five friends sign up with you and create a FF ELC team.

How can you get all the supplements that go along with the program for FREE?
Create your ELC group with 5 more friends and your products for the challenge are free. (10 friends total)

Have fun, get fit and do it for free!
Live an Extraordinary Life Now and Embrace the Challenge!

Call: 315-885-1100 to get started.

Get Gorgeous

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and push the envelope to become fit, strong, sexy, and gorgeous? Let us help you become the well rounded woman of your dreams. Confident, strong, accomplished and gorgeous.

After years of working with clients, the one complaint that I always hear is that they can’t get to the gym. I have created this program to give you the tools you need to be successful in reaching your goals, at home.

My goal is to help you become more. You can stop being what society tells you, you must be. You can be who you want to. You have the ability to make the choice to be amazing. Get gorgeous from the inside and polish your outside, own the room while rocking a smoking hot bod and defining beauty in action!

According to Eleanor Roosevelt: You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. I agree! This is the time for self awareness, who are you and who do you choose to be? Face the facts- no excuses, no judgements, no limiting beliefs.

Lose weight, tone up and get gorgeous at home with our guidance.
Can’t find the time to get to a gym everyday? Even if you find yourself there, what do you do? Know that you need to weight train but you don’t want to look masculine?

This program is designed by a woman to address the concerns and issues that we all go through while losing weight and getting in shape. I know that there is so much confusion out there and so many questions, with nowhere to turn to get the answers that work to help you look amazing, fast.

That’s why I created the Get Gorgeous program. Your program will include a nutrition plan, supplement recommendations, home-based workouts and a Get Gorgeous Trainer assigned to you. She will teach you, help you, keep you accountable and guide you. You will have access to our brand new journaling system that will help you to be 75% more successful in your endeavor.

Accept responsibility and decide to become more. Right Now! Call 315.885.1100 for your interview and for more information.

Ask for Kim, I can’t wait to meet you.


Power of Three

Power of Three

What is the Power of Three?  It is a transformation program that helps you engage your mind, body and spirit, starting with just three minutes a day.

The Power of Three will help transform the way you prepare for your day with the mindset to take on all challenges. 

The P3 will strengthen your mind & focus, while producing results and increasing endorphins that will make you feel amazing.

Time is no longer an excuse that can hold you back from being your absolute best.

The Power of Three is the best investment in you that you can make, giving you step-by-step quick simple ways to engage your mind and body all while lifting your spirit. For the low cost of $333.00.

 The P3 will teach you to increase the intensity of your workout.

What is intensity?  Intensity is simply the amount of work (force x distance) done in a certain amount of time. Intensity = work/time. So when you do the same workout but lessen the amount of time or increase the amount of work preformed you have increased intensity.  

There are three different areas of muscle stimulation:

Hypertrophy, Hyperplasia and Capillarization.

Hypertrophy occurs when using heavy weight.  Which increases the size of the muscle cell. 

Hyperplasia occurs with extended time under the tension of the weights and is where you produce enough trauma (increased satellite cell production) to increase your number of muscle cells.  

The third area of muscle stimulation is Capilarization where you force so much blood into a muscle that it needs to create new capillaries for blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow, plus helping to expand the facia (sheath that incapsulates the muscle). 

The Power of Three is a high intensity results producing workout that will challenge your mind and body while creating muscle stimulation in all three areas (hypertrophy, hyperplasia and capilarization) delivering extraordinary results.

Nutrition Plans

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K Force

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Epic Chaos

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Get Gargantuan

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